Tom Bourne Photography | About Tom

Hi there, I’m Tom, let’s get straight to the point shall we?


I have been passionate about photography from a young age, 14 in fact, when I first asked my dad if I could take a few pictures with his brand spanking new Canon DSLR.


It was at that point that I realised - what is better than seeing someone you love smile?


To capture that heartfelt emotion is what I aim to do every time I have a camera in my hands. I can’t deny, I enjoy it, always have, always will.


I have photographed quite a range of things, from weddings and parties to jewellery and architecture. But my favourite thing to photograph has always been people, there are only so many ways you can photograph a building, but with people? The possibilities are endless.

I may not be the oldest or most experienced photographer out there, but what I do have is the passion, determination and friendliness to make your memories last forever, after all, your memories are my responsibility.